Service & product pricing

Running a small business is stressful. Never enough time or money for everything you want to do. So why waste it?
You work hard for your money & so will we!

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Website bundles

Starter Bundles

These are our website bundles and starter packages. They form the basic building blocks to enable your online web presence


Subscription add-ons

Expand your reach

These are completely optional add-ons for your existing subscription bundle.

They will only be visible to members who have an active standard or premium subscription.


Custom Components

Extras you can add to your subscription

Our custom component subscription gives you access to some of our custom applications.


We do the basic setup of the component for you. However, you will need to populate the system yourself e.g add your products to the online store, create your own survey content etc. 

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Features of our pricing

Our convenient all-inclusive Standard & Premium bundles include everything you need to get started.

No upfront investment
Website design & setup is included in the monthly fee, so you don't have to budget for a large upfront development cost.
No long-term contracts
No long-term contract is required, so you aren't locked into any fixed contract term & you can cancel at any time.
No support costs
Minor enhancements & support is included in the monthly fee, so you never have to worry about unexpected costs.
Flexible design
Our websites utilize modular frameworks , so its easy to add new functionally as & when you need it.

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